Nike air jordan 12

Air Jordan 12 was also the first pair of shoes equipped with Zoom Air cushions. The performance of the midsole was improved. Jordan 12 was equipped with Zoom Air, a carbon fiber version of the midsole. In addition, there are full palm carbon fiber bracket + full zoom air cushion, these functions make the overall shock relief feel of shoes greatly improved! Jordan 12 shoe is simple and smooth in shape. Hard rubber outsole + herringbone underside provides excellent grip performance.Carbon fibre edition has been demonized by some people from the beginning to today, but carbon fibre edition has played an effective role in supporting and stabilizing footwear, but this does not mean that the shape of TPU without carbon board is less functional than it, but Air Jordan 12 uppers use soft suede to ensure full flexibility, foot movement is more comfortable, without the hardness and binding of leather.